We recently updated to allow you to control your CardBot from your computer via your web browser. There are two ways to access web control - via the Admin Interface or via the web platform at cardcastle.co.

Via the Admin Interface:

When you access your Admin Interface page, you should see a slightly different design to before. Instead of a QR code*, you will see options for "link" and "QR" and the details needed to control your CardBot from the web (see picture below).

To control your CardBot from your computer, simply click the "Open Web Control" button. This will open a new tab and automatically connect to your CardBot.

Via the CardCastle Web Platform:

If you have already connected to your CardBot via the Admin Interface, you can access the Web Control page through the web platform. Simply click "CardBot" in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

If you haven't connected via the Admin Interface before, you will see the following page:

To connect, enter the Device ID and MFA Token details (found on the Admin Interface).

Once you are connected, you will see the following page:

On this page, you can do all the same things you can do on your phone - start/stop scanning, set sorting rules and change session options. You can also see live stats of the current scanning session.

* The QR code needed to pair your phone to the machine is still available - click the "QR" button to display it.

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