Options are currently only available in the iOS app. It will be released on Android alongside sorting rules.

You can set options for each scanning/sorting session. While in the main view (with the Start Scanning button), tap the filter icon in the top right corner and then the gear icon in the bottom right corner.

The following options are currently available:

  • Add Cards - uploads the cards that match your sorting criteria (ie. the cards in the righthand stack when sorting) to the Staging Area
  • Foil - uploads cards as foils*
  • Condition - uploads cards as the desired condition (Near Mint, Lightly Played, Moderately Played, Heavily Played, Damaged)**

We are working on adding in more options, including the ability to upload the cards that don't match sorting criteria and set a language*** for cards to be uploaded as.

* The CardBot currently can't detect whether a card is foil or not (it will still recognise foil cards though!). We recommend scanning foil and non-foil cards in separate sessions and using the Foil option to upload cards as the appropriate version.

** Cards are uploaded as Near Mint by default. We recommend scanning cards of different conditions in separate sessions for each condition and using the Condition option to upload cards with the corresponding condition.

*** Currently, cards are uploaded as English printings by default. We recommend scanning cards printed in other languages in separate sessions for each language and, when it's available, using the Language option to upload cards as the correct printing.

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