Items needed:

  • Your CardBot (plugged in, turned on and connected to your Wi-Fi)
  • A mobile device (iOS or Android)
  • Login details for your CardCastle account
  • A computer
  • The CardBot Connect application


1. Install the CardCastle app on your mobile device (iOS or Android)

2. In the app, create an account or log in to your existing account

3. Once logged in, navigate to the menu and tap the Connect to CardBot menu item

4. On your computer, run the CardBot Connect application and then log in to the CardBot Admin Interface

5. Scan the Access Code on the Admin Interface with the CardCastle app (while in the Connect

You're now ready to load in cards and start scanning/sorting!

NOTE: We are working on a new design for the apps' Connect to CardBot screen, including the ability to connect and control multiple units simultaneously, automatic connection to owned units and status information.

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