Your local game store may have a CardBot available for you to use. Check the list of stores with CardBots to see if there's one near you. If you don't see a store close by and know of one that could benefit from a CardBot, let us know!

You'll need to pair your app with the store's machine - politely ask the owner or staff if it's available for you to use.

Once you have paired your app with the machine, load up to 1,000 cards into the center stack. You may want to ask the owner/staff for assistance or they may want to handle the loading process for you.

While the CardBot is scanning, you will see cards placed in either the left or righthand stacks. Successfully scanned and uploaded cards are placed in the righthand stack (hopefully all of them!). Any cards that fail to scan are placed in the lefthand stack.

You may want to set sorting rules to sort your cards while scanning. Find more information on sorting rules here.

Scanned cards are instantly available in the Staging Area on the web platform. Learn how to process them here.

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