You can load up to 1,000 unsleeved cards into the CardBot at a time. The CardBot cannot process sleeved cards so you will need to unsleeve any cards that are going into your machine.

Before loading cards, ensure that the left and righthand stacks are empty of cards.

Load cards into the center stack. We have found it's best to load in a small stack of cards that you can comfortably keep straight in one hand and repeat until you have added enough cards.

Make sure that the cards you have loaded in do not sit above the sensors (the hole on the left and white plug on the right) on the inside and at the top of the two center wood panels.

Cards can be loaded in any orientation - name on the left or name on the right and any combination - as long as they are face up (the CardBot doesn't have X-ray vision - yet!). The CardBot will recognise the back face of double face cards, except for the Meld cards, and upload them as the front face.

We recommend scanning foil and non-foil cards* in separate sessions and using the Foil option to upload cards as the appropriate version. The same goes for cards in different conditions** and/or printed in other languages***.

You're now ready to scan or sort your cards!

* The CardBot currently can't detect whether a card is foil or not (it will still recognise foil cards though!).

** Cards are uploaded as Near Mint by default.

*** Currently, cards are uploaded as English printings by default.

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