Items needed:


1. On your computer, view your available networks and connect to the network labelled ‘cardbot-[creature type]’ (cardbot-vanguard is used as an example here)

2. Run the CardBot Connect application (it will open in your default web browser)

3. Choose the CardBot on your network (it will have the same name as the Wi-Fi network used above)

4. After being redirected to the Admin Page, login with the following default credentials*:

Username: admin
Password: admin

5. Go to the Settings page and select your country. Press Set to confirm

6. Select the Wi-Fi network that you will be using, then click Change. You will be redirected to a page where you will need to enter the password for your Wi-Fi

7. Click the button labelled “Switch to Configured Mode’. This will restart the CardBot and connect it to the network that you have chosen. Reconnect your computer to your WiFi network (this should happen automatically). Your CardBot will now automatically connect to this network when turned on

8. Run the CardBot Connect application again and login using the same credentials from step 4. Your page should look like the image below

*You can change the login password in the Settings Tab. It is VERY IMPORTANT not to lose the password you set as we are unable to access or change it for you!

Your CardBot is ready for you to Pair Your Phone and Start Scanning!

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