You can adjust the strength of the vacuum in the suction cups. This allows you to tweak how long and with how much force the suction cups hold the cards. If cards are being dropped too early or too late, this is most often the solution.

Increasing the strength means cards will be held longer and more tightly. Decreasing the strength means cards fall off sooner and may help to reduce the amount of extra cards that are picked up*.


1. Locate the bleeder valve on the front of the pickup head (pictured below)

2. Load in a set of test cards and start scanning (it's best to adjust the bleeder valve while the machine is operating so you can see the results of the changes you make - be careful to only make adjustments when the pickup head is stationary)

3. Loosen (counter-clockwise) the knob at the back to unlock the front knob

4. Loosen (counter-clockwise) or tighten (clockwise) the front knob to adjust the strength of the vacuum (loosen to decrease the strength, tighten to increase the strength) - you should only need to make small adjustments

5. Let the CardBot pick up a few cards and check that they're being picked up/dropped off correctly

6. Make further adjustments if necessary

7. Once you find the appropriate setting**, tighten the knob at the back to lock the front knob in position

*There are further solutions to the specific problem of extra cards being being up. Read here to find out more.

**If you can't find a setting that solves the issue you're experiencing, there are further steps you can take. Read here to find out more.

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