IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT attempt to adjust these settings without contacting us first. There is a risk that you can damage your machine by incorrectly setting parameters. Get in touch with us via the Live Chat or by email at

You are able to tweak certain aspects of the CardBot's mechanical operations. This is helpful for optimising the speed, accuracy and reliability of your machine. For example, if you notice that cards are not being separated reliably, you can adjust the movement of the pickup head to improve separation.

The parameters that you can change are:

  • The positioning of the pickup head and platforms at each stage (initialization, picking up cards and dropping cards in either of the outer stacks), as well as their speed as they move to these positions
  • The distance and timing of the pickup head movements as it picks up cards
  • The time that the pickup head waits before lifting a card
  • The time that the pickup head waits for extra cards to drop off
  • The number of times the pickup head moves up and down to separate cards, and the distance and timing of those movements
  • The distance and timing of the platform movements when unjamming
  • The amount of time that the CardBot waits before considering a movement failed

You can also tweak the pressure in the suction cups, not on the Advanced Configurations page but on the CardBot itself. This changes how tightly the card is held and how long it takes for the card to drop off.

We will guide you through the process of changing these when you get in contact with us.

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