CardCastle uses, a website that amalgamates card prices from various places to find a ‘Fair Trade Price’ to give a realistic idea of what people are paying for the card currently. This aims to value a card at how much it is selling for, not how much it is listed on various websites. This algorithm takes many prices into account like those from Ebay, Channel Fireball, ABU Games, FaceToFace Games, Card Kingdom and many more. MTGPrice also ensures that cards that are listed for unrealistic prices and aren’t selling aren’t affecting the average price (think if a Jeskai Ascendency is worth .25 cents but three are listed for $320 each, they won’t raise the prices for each Jeskai Ascendency, protecting them from false spikes.)

We feel that these prices give an accurate rate that people will pay for a certain card and have decided to incorporate it into the app. If you have any further questions about how the price system works, you can click here.

CardCastle is also currently designing our own algorithm that may better suit our product. More details will be coming soon!

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