Card Lists are very useful ways to help stores passively restock on cards they are low on supply of, fulfil orders, pick cards that have recently spiked out of bulk and much more!

Making a Card List is very easy - at the moment, you create a list manually, but we are implementing an import function as soon as we have formats. If you have a Card List you want to import so the CardBot can filter using it, email an example of the CSV format to!!

In 3 steps you will be able to start using your CardBot to utilise a Card List:

  1. Go to the Build page of the Web Platform and select the 'Card Lists' tab.

  2. Once there, press the 'Create New' button - once you open this list, you will be able to rename it, write a description and add cards to your Card List.

  3. When you are done adding the cards you want the CardBot to search for, go to the CardBot tab and connect to your CardBot - you will then be able to select that Card List for the CardBot to filter with.

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