Items needed:

  • Your CardBot
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Power cord
  • Cutting tool – side cutters, utility knife/box cutter etc.


1. Lay the box on it’s back (the front of the box has two “THIS WAY UP” stickers at the top), open it up and remove the top pieces of polystyrene foam

2. Grab the bag with the power adapter, power cord and door hardware (located in one of the empty slots beside the CardBot) and set them aside for later steps along with the door (underneath the CardBot, wrapped in foam)

3. Remove your CardBot from the polystyrene foam and it’s plastic bag, then place it upright on a flat surface

4. Use your cutting tool to cut the zip ties connecting the platforms and pickup head together (see picture below for an example, the specific layout of zip ties may be different). Make sure to hold onto the zip ties as you cut them to prevent them from falling into the machine

5. Move each of the platforms up and down and the pickup head side to side to ensure they are moving freely. Move the righthand platform down to give yourself room for the next step

6. Remove the foam insert from behind the faceplate of the roof on the right hand side

7. Take the power adapter and power cord out of the bag (Connect the power adapter to the power cord and connect the power adapter to the CardBot’s power socket (found at the bottom of the righthand side of the unit)

8. Connect the power cord to a working power point

9. Flip the CardBot’s switch up so that the red LED light is glowing

Your CardBot is now on! The unit will make some noises as it initializes the hardware and performs some set up operations. Once these have stopped, you’ll be ready to run through the Wi-Fi Setup steps.

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