In August 2018, OzGuild became CardCastle. The main reason was to have a name that better reflected our identity and goals. We started out as an online store for Magic singles in Australia but have grown into much more - the collection management platform you know and love. We're proud of our roots, but with users from all around the world, we wanted a name that was more inclusive.

Another reason was to reflect the improvements we have made since the beginning. The early versions of our apps and website had definite shortcomings and our reviews were understandably low. They helped us to build the platform you see today and reviews since then were overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately though, those early reviews were still lowering our average. We're confident that reviews that come in under the new name will reflect the high quality service we offer.

The rebrand to CardCastle was also a great opportunity to release some updates to the platform, including:

  • entirely new apps featuring live scanning, improved speed and accuracy and a better upload process
  • a new support page with in depth articles on features and FAQs

CardCastle is brought to you by the same team that developed the OzGuild platform. We remain dedicated to creating the best platform for Magic players around the world and supporting our users with fast and friendly customer service.

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