The Database Update significantly improves the coverage and accuracy of our card database. One of the biggest benefits of this is promotional cards.

Previously, promotional cards were in grouped in generic sets such as the Media Inserts set for Buy-A-Box promos or Release Events for Prerelease/Game Day promos. If you wanted to track exactly which type of promo they were, you needed to tag it with #buyabox or #prerelease etc.

Now though, each promotional card is in a specific set for the type of promo it is. For example, the IDW Treasure Hunt promo is now in the IDW Comics 2012 set rather than the generic Media Inserts set.

The CardCastle database now specifies promo cards from:

  • Game Days
  • Prereleases
  • GP Promos
  • WMCQ Promos
  • Judge Foils
  • Many more!

This means you can more accurately track your collection, marking each card that is special or a different version as such.

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