The CardCastle database includes foreign language printings so you are able to catalogue your cards printed in languages other than English. These cards will be displayed in your collection with the correct foreign language image.

To add cards printed in another language, head to the Build page to manually add cards. After selecting the card/s you wish to add from the drop down menu, you can set the language they are printed in using the Language drop down menu. All languages that that specific card was printed in will be available to select from.

You can also change a card's language in the Staging Area using the Language drop down menu next to the card that needs changing.

If you need to change the language of a card that's already in your collection, open that card's details and use the edit button to make changes. You can change the language of multiple cards by selecting the relevant cards and editing the selection.

Before language support was available on the platform, we suggested that users use the #tagging system to mark cards as printed in other languages. If you have tagged cards that need changing over you can filter your collection to display all cards with, for example, a #french tag, then Select All and edit the selection.

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