The tagging feature allows you to attach additional information to your cards. It's a powerful organisation tool that helps link your physical collection and your digital collection on CardCastle. For example, you can tag your cards with their location (#box1) or mark a card as #altered or #signed.

There are two different ways to tag cards in the CardCastle app - when you are adding the card/s to your collection and when you are editing a card already in your collection.

Once you have scanned and reviewed cards in the staging area, tap the Next → button in the bottom right corner. Here, you can create new tags by tapping the blank tag box or use any existing tags that you may have already made. Tags to be added will be listed under Tags To Add. Tapping Add to Collection in the bottom right corner will tag all the cards to be added and then upload them to your collection.

To tag a card that is already in your collection, go to your collection and tap the card you wish to edit. Once you are viewing the card's details, tap the pencil icon in the top right and scroll down to the Tags section. To add a tag, tap the blank tag box and begin typing - any existing tags that match will appear in an autocompleted list. To remove a tag, tap the X next to the tag you wish to remove.

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