The Add Cards mode is the main function of the CardCastle app. This is where you scan cards to add them to your digital collection.

The app should open in the Add Cards mode by default. If you are in one of the other modes, you can swipe left or right until the + symbol is highlighted (pictured below).

To ensure your cards are scanned correctly, make sure to follow the Card Scanning Tutorial. If a card is scanned incorrectly, you can undo the scan, then tap the screen to refocus and scan again.

While in the Add Cards mode, scanned cards will be added to the staging area. In the staging area, you can edit a cards printing, it's condition and whether it's foil or not. 

After confirming that the cards in the staging area are correct, tap the Next → button in the bottom right corner. Here, you can add tags to the cards before uploading them to your collection.

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