The Deckbuilder calculates statistics for your deck to help you make sure it will work the way you want it to.

While building a deck, the following statistics are calculated live as cards are added or removed:

  • Card Type breakdown - a pie chart of the different card types that appear in the deck
  • Mana Symbol breakdown - a pie chart of the different mana symbols that appear in the deck
  • Mana Curve - a column graph of the different mana costs of the cards in the deck and which colours appear at those mana costs

Hovering over each section of the Card Type and Mana Symbol pie charts will display the percentage of cards that are that card type or feature that mana symbol.

Hovering over each column of the Mana Curve table will display the number of cards of each colour.

While viewing the details of a deck, go to the Statistics section. The following statistics are calculated using the current build:

  • Card Type breakdown
  • Mana Symbol breakdown
  • Mana Curve
  • Turn Probabilities - a table of probabilities that particular cards or types of cards will be drawn each turn

The Card Type and Mana Symbol charts in this section also display the percentages, colour coded, in boxes below each chart. Hovering over these will display the actual number of appearances.

The Turn Probabilities table can display probabilities for individual cards, different card types and different mana costs. Use the 'Group by' drop down menu to change which is being displayed.

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