While browsing your collection, you can set filters to display matching cards. This is useful for when you're looking for a particular kind of card but not necessarily a specific card. For example, if you were building a new deck and wanted to see all of your Blue/Black creature cards.

You can filter your cards based on:

  • colour
  • card type
  • rarity
  • tags

To set filters, click the colour, card type or rarity buttons below the search bar (pictured below) or the tag boxes underneath those.

The filter buttons and tag boxes have three states:

  • may include (greyed out) - if a filter is set to may include, displayed cards may or may not match. For example, if the red filter button is greyed out, red and non-red cards will be displayed.
  • must include (highlighted) - if a filter is set to must include, displayed cards must match. For example, if the creature filter button is highlighted, only creature cards will be displayed.
  • must not include (crossed out) - if a filter button is set to must not include, displayed cards will not match. For example, if the mythic rare filter button is crossed out, no mythic rare cards will be displayed.

The example above would display rare White/Red/x creature cards. White/Red/Blue, White/Red/Black creatures will be displayed but White/Red/Green creatures will not.

Clicking the "exclude unselected" option beneath each filter section will automatically set all may include filters to must not include filters. This is a quick way to ensure only cards that specifically match your criteria are displayed.

There is also a "clear" option which will clear all set filters in that section to may include. To clear all filters, click the X in the top right corner of the Collection page.

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